Thursday, 14 June 2012

Liberty ladies...

I am not too sure about this one! 

I loved the fabrics as a stack. I loved the individual blocks as the appeared. Then I put it together... and it became a monster! 

Ok. That is a little unfair, but this quilt is huge and overly dramatic and a bit crazy. I have hoarded the Liberty Tana Lawn with the prewar women on it since Art school. I'm in love with the print and pulled a stash to match it. This quilt is not typical of my usual colour scheme and perhaps that is why I am unsure about it. 

I made it a few months ago and just folded it straight up and put it on the self. Now that I have revisited it I might be feeling a little more enthusiastic. 

Who knows, it may be transformed once it has been quilted?! I will let you know...

Cait x