Sunday, 23 September 2012

A stitch in time...

I have a new finished quilt to share today :) 

I am really happy with this one; it is fresh, colourful and vibrant.

It is entirely made from scraps and and fabric that might have been thrown out. 

Very simple shadow quilting but I really like the linear texture.

It was liberating to piece a quilt like this where the fabric pieces dictate the dimensions of the patches.

Cait xxx


  1. So! Very! Cute!! Love the mix of fabrics, love the back & binding! How wide are your strips?

    1. Hi Smazoochie and Peppermint Pattie:)

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments; they really brightened my day!!

      The quilt is made up of strips which are 12" wide by 1.5" high. Each of those have a block of coloured fabric in the middle of the cream fabric which varies from 4.5" long to 11". I tried to vary the size of the the cream fabric borders (more on one side than the other) so that the coloured blocks weren't central. This creates the fun stacked look.

      I worked these strips in blocks of eight strips high. The quilt is five blocks wide and six blocks high. This meant I could have some control over colour placement.

      The ivory fabric was random curtain lining I had in my stash, the backing was a vintage sheet from Ebay and the pink a pair of second hand pyjamas I bought in a charity shop. All the rest were scraps!

      I hope this has helped and made sense!!!


      Cait x

  2. Love it as well!! I'd love to know the size of the strips & any help you might be willing to share. Did you use a Kona white or tone on tone fabric? Love the bias stripe on the border.

    1. Hi Peppermint Pattie:)

      Thanks for the comment! I replied to the comment above and answered both of your questions at the same time. Please come back and have a wee read.



  3. What do you mean "Shadow Quilting" How do you do that?

  4. Cait, I am new to quilting, and I have been graced with tons of strip scraps to begin with. I am in complete adoration to this quilt, yet I am not certain how to begin making the 'staggered' process. Could you please give me simple instructions or have you a pattern to follow? Thank you!