Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fifteen years ago, when I was fifteen.....

I made this quilt FIFTEEN years ago. 

That is terrifying... 

This was the second quilt I ever made; I was fifteen. It has been hanging on my Mother's wall ever since; I barely notice it anymore. So I was pleasantly surprised by how it looked hanging on the line in the sunshine.

Cait x


  1. You made this when you were FIFTEEN???!!! WOW!!! It's gorgeous, must have taken you forever! Is it all hand stitched? Gayle x

  2. Hi Cait.Loving all your quilts.I went to the car bootsale at thainstone on Sunday and found a quilt hand stitched from about the 50s for £2.I will try and post pictures on my blog.Was with Nick on Saturday night to see Sister Act,great show,this week we are going to see Legally blonde.I did see you are on pinterst, i am totally hooked with it.Hope to see you soon.Take Care~Kate~